Winter already

I still haven’t gotten the photo option to really work for me on this computer. I’m going to have to find another way.

The movie challenge has gone over by a few weeks.  Today marked Day 334 completed with 31 days left.  And then I’ve set my mind on a few other challenges for the new year.  One of which will be a scrapbook challenge. The other is another movie challenge.  But more on all that later. I just wanted to slip in here and write a short post because I realized it had been months and months.


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June 20th 2012

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I blogged on this particular blog.  I sort of wanted to wait until I was able to get the photo option on this PC to work for me, but I just totally give up on that idea.

So no photos for awhile. 

I’ve been working on the main scrapbook, plus my Smash book and two more “unofficial” smash style books.  That, on top of my other blogs elsewhere online.   I’m hoping to soon as I have the right elements, create a scrapbook style recipe book.   I’ve got a ton of recipes I’ve collected over the years (even have a cooking blog on another blog host for the last few years) and think it’s time to actually put them in some sort of order. 

That’s on the TO DO list. Right after I finish some of the current projects.


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May 21st 2012

Been working on a few new pages for the scrapbook.  No photos of it as of yet, because my old computer died and this new one is just impossible to me.  But that’s another rant for another blog.

Hope to have some photos of the latest projects soon. 

I also received the Brag Book that I had ordered about a month ago from Fancy Pants Designs.  It is much like the Smash book I talked about in the previous post. 

So journal style of scrapbooking has become the popular thing again. 

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May 6th 2012

SMASH.    I got myself a Smash Book.

it’s cute.  Not as thrilled with it as I was thinking I would be.  The front cover has a design and I was hoping to put something on it, but the design is grooved in, and doesn’t make it easy to cover up.

I have the yellow-orange coloured one that has the “International” theme to it.  Some of the pages are really nice but some are just not so much.  They are pre-designed scrapbook pages.

But these are all the rage right now in the scrapbooking line.  It might have more to do with the fact that there is a whole line of extras to go with it. Who knows.  But, for anyone who wants something quick and simple, this is the thing.


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May 2nd 2012


I’ve been working on a page for a scrapbooking project.  One for Alice in Wonderland.

As you can see here, I’ve started. 

Not sure I know where to take it now.  It just does not feel finished.  I’ve got the Queen of Hearts, The Rabbit, The Caterpillar and that’s about it.  Have yet to figure something for Alice herself and the Hatter.

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May 1st 2012

Tea stains.

I’ve been trying to get that old distressed look with some plan white envelopes, by using -used tea bags.   I have no inks or paints at the moment, and buying scrapbooking pages that are pre-designed to look that way is just expensive. so, I’ve been doing my best to create the look myself. 

I’m an artist damn it; this should be easy.  Only, it’s not working.  All that’s happening is that the envelopes are tearing and turning to mush.  

I’ve got this idea for an Alice in Wonderland/Queen of Hearts page I want to do.  Collecting the pieces for it, and one of them is to have a distressed invitation. 

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April 27th 2012

I keep hearing about Brag Books.   Seems they are a hot item in the scrapbooking community.

Smaller sized books, with covers that can be decorated and filled with themed pages and pockets.

I have yet to get my hands on the basics for one.  I did however, get my order of Twilight themed pages and embellishments.  One of the 48 page pads is slightly bent so I’m not too sure how that will affect my projects?

The first major thing I had in mind was creating a new cover for my sketchbook.  I was hoping to use the box of cards for that. 

Only they are much thinner then I was expecting and I’m not sure how well they are going to hold up.  They are cute though, double sided cards that incorporate two themed pages each. Smaller versions of the paper pads.

I was surprised to learn how many men have taken to the hobby.  Surprised in a good way but surprised none the less.

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